4 years

Starting Date

January, August

Tuition Fee

$32,734 per year


Fort Collins, CO, United States

About the Program

Like a microscope that brings the world into focus, this framework allows us to see how our social and cultural lives are governed by gender relations.

For example, have you considered how institutions, organizations, or the economy are gendered? Do you ever wonder why some images are more prevalent in popular culture than others? Looking at the world through a Women’s and Gender Studies lens allows us to more directly and effectively address issues of social justice and to bring about social change as it pertains to gender relations in the contemporary world.

By studying Women’s and Gender Studies, students learn skills that work towards dismantling gender-based inequality and promoting gender equity in various arenas of social life. The Women’s and Gender Studies major allows students to acquire the academic preparation to address the complexity of intersecting inequalities rooted in gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity, class, ability, religion, and nationality in U.S. society.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Women’s and Gender Studies degree at Colorado State University, students will demonstrate:

  • Knowledge of academic disciplines from feminist and intersectional perspectives
  • An understanding of the historic and contemporary contributions of women of all cultures
  • Effective oral communication, writing, and research skills
  • Development of critical thinking skills as well as intellectual and personal growth
  • A critical ideological understanding regarding women and gender implicit in social institutions and structures

Potential Occupations

Contemporary career opportunities can be directly enhanced by students who have a women’s and gender studies background. Students acquire jobs in the non-profit sector, such as international relief agencies, domestic violence agencies, homeless shelters, after school programs, and children and family services.

Other fields our students have entered include public relations, counseling, union organizing, public policy and research, victim advocacy, and human/civil rights. In several areas such as journalism, communication, business, law, education, and human services, it is now common to choose a career that has a direct focus on women and gender.

Courses Included

  • Gender and Anthropology
  • Gay and Lesbian Literature
  • La Chicana in Society
  • Queer Studies and Women of Color
  • Indigenous Women, Children, and Tribes
  • Black Feminism(s)
  • Queer Creative Expressions

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